Thursday, January 12, 2012


During the year end holiday, we brought Gracelle for an overseas holiday. Let's just say, is the parents who wanted to go for holiday instead of Gracelle, she has no choice but to tag along.

Because of the change in weather, it requires her to wear thicker clothing and maybe a hat or gloves to keep her warm. Mummy also searched high and low to buy her jeans, just to make sure her clothings are warm enough.

The first annoyance started even before the trip. On the day of departure, she jumped up and down and screamed, when I tried to put on jeans for her for the very first time. I guess because all this while (since birth) she is wearing cotton material tops and bottoms, hence, she is not used to the not so comfortable material. The second day, when I took out another pair of jeans and asked:"do you want to wear this?", she shooke her head, saying, NO!!!, and ran away from me. Hey, jeans doesnt bite!

The second annoyance overflow to an accessories - the hat. Whenever we are outdoor, I tried to put on a hat for her, so to withstand the strong wind. She refused to wear the hat and kept taking it off. Again, saying NO!!! She simply dislike anything to be on  her head! Even pretty hair clips won't stay for 5 minutes on her head or hair.

Back in our sunny island. One morning, she went to the stack of laundry that is yet to be folded and was looking around. I just wanted to disturbed her and asked:" do you want to wear a hat?" If you are expecting a yes from her, sorry to disappoint you, her answer is still NO. I walked out of the room and the little fellow followed.


The next minute, I was greeted by this .... ???!!!

Monday, January 9, 2012


She is fussy. She won't drink. She won't eat. She cough occasionally. Her temperature is rising. This is a scary time for any parent.

The new year, 1 Jan 2012, begins with Gracelle down with Croup - a condition that causes an inflammation of the upper airways. It often leads to a barking cough or hoarseness. Thank God her condition is not that bad, was under observation in KKH on for 2 hours and home sweet home thereafter. Of course, the home treatment continue for the next few days...

This is the first time since birth that Gracelle has been so sick. She has always being in the pink of health with occasional mild running nose. This is also the first time, we, as her parents, experience caring for a sick (grumpy, fussy) or feverish child. Is an experience for her as well as for us. When children are sick or feverish, they need special considerations.

I monitor her temperature closely. She was given paracetamol for her fever. However, if her temperature does not go down an hour after medication, she needs to be given ibuprofen. There was a day her temperature remains at am alarming 38+ degree!

Coughing is the body's way of clearing out the lungs. She was given cough medication to clear the phlegm, and it cause her to cough more; the rational is for her to cough out her phlegm. I personally do not give over the counter cough prescription medication to children under 2, don't want to give the wrong medicine or overdose.

Drink, drink, drink
I need to encourage and make sure she got plenty of fluids intake.

Caring for a feverish child is a challenge! During this time, what I needed to know the most was "How can I get my toddler to take medicine". If you have any tricks to get this job done without fuss, please share with me. Basically, I have to force the end of the syringe in a corner of her mouth, aim the medicine inside the cheek, not the throat, where it might cause your child to choke. And make sure a bottle of water is there to wash away the nasty taste of the medicine right after the "forceful act".

Thank God, after 5 days of roller coaster ride battling the fever, she is on the road to recovering. I believe her immune system is boosted up and she will stay strong and healthy! Here's a picture of the little sick girl.