Monday, October 31, 2011

Melting in Woodlands Waterfront

Is been such a long time since the last update. Mummy was away... No guest blogger (the daddy?).

The weekend before I was away, we brought Gracelle to Woodlands Waterfront, one of the newest facility in Woodlands. We reached there around 9am+ and the weather was HOT HOT HOT! Thanks to the daddy who took his own sweet time. Personally, I prefer to go to the park earlier or latest by 8am, because I simply don't like to be "melt" under the hot sun. Besides, my baby is an early bird, she don't sleep past 7am.

In Woodlands Waterfront, you can have the view of Johor Straits and also to check on the causeway traffic. First impression when we arrived, how come so many motorcyclist? I guess is the traffic diverted from the custom. Second, quite a far number of motorcyclist stop by at the park for "relief", I mean for toilet breaks. This place feels like those Malaysia highway Rest & Relax (Perhentian) toilet break. Personally, I am not attracted to this park, partly because there was no trees, the fishing jetty was filthy, the river was dirty, and maybe is just not natural like Bishan Park. The mega playground structure is not suitable for children. Having said that, Gracelle seems to enjoy the children's playground very much.

Rock! Rock!

ROCK harder!
Will I be back again? Hmm... Let's see.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Sweet tooth

I enjoy eating ice cream as a child, and I still do. I don't have a sweet tooth, but I enjoy ice cream. Hubby does not have a sweet tooth too. And the strange thing happened... Gracelle seems to have inherited our good health habits, she does not have a sweet tooth. But, is a sweet tooth inherited or is a learned behaviour?

Baby Gracelle has not tried bottled puree off the shelves. Since 6 months old, mummy only gave her homemade puree, be it apple puree, pumpkim puree, or even vegetable puree. 100% homemade, no salt, no sugar. Even her porridge, mummy will put in more vegetable to make the porridge tasty, no salt, no soy sauce. The good habit is best cultivated since young.

The other day, mummy was craving for ice cream and bought a waffle ice cream from NTUC. Let's give Gracelle a taste of the ice cream.

Excited for the ice cream!

The verdict - Kid loves ice cream!? Kid scream for ice cream!? Look at her, she looked excited, isn't she? To our surprise, the very next minute, there is a total change in her expression.

Ewwe... awful?!
Well, I am not sure is it because of the taste, the sweetness or the coldness of the ice cream? It seems like she does not have a liking for ice cream.

One thing I know for sure. With that expression, she can go for the tooth sensitivity advertisement by Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief advertisement.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Laundry

95% of our laundry are machine washed. Sometimes, baby Gracelle's clothes are hand washed by her mummy. She is only allowed the sit outside of the toilet when mummy do the washing. Sometimes, I wonder, what is the joy of sitting and watching mummy with the laundry?

Many people hired a part time helper who comes around during the weekend for the chores. Most people will hire a full time domestic helper. How about me? [*drum roll*.......] Introducing my part time helper who comes during weekdays night and full day weekends. She helps to throw rubbish into the bin, and best of all, she hand wash baby Gracelle's clothes. She does not have experience;  sometimes, she observes, like what Gracelle did - observed mummy doing the laundry. She also got a weird habit, she will observes the rubbish in the bin. Weird? Maybe she is thinking what is recyclable? I supposed, she learnt from observation.

Everybody say" WOW!" I am so lucky to have such a great helper :)  [*grinning from ear to ear*]

She is cheerful, diligent, no food restriction, training may be needed to perform a good job.  Here's a glimpse of my helper diligently washing the clothes.

Sorting the clothes.

Brushing the clothes.

Rinsing the clothes.

Oops!!! Child labour!? NO! I did not torture her. Despite the uncomfortable ulcer, she is still energetic. She dragged the pail, and stool by herself, and started the laundry process.
Daddy and mummy were AMUSED!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Cried cried cried ... and more crying

It all started when she was having trouble sleeping through. She toss and turned in bed, and just couldn't sleep! It was 3am, and her temperature shot up to 38.5 degrees. Thank God we got spare paracetamol in the refrigerator (leftover from vaccination). Tips: a good practice to keep a spare bottle of paracetamol for emergency. Not much of concern because by dawn, her fever had subsided.

All is well until ....

Saturday morning, she refused her favorite milk milk! She cried profusely!!! She had never cried so much and so profusely since birth, not even during vaccination jab. What HAPPENed? Because she was crying louder and louder, mummy took the opportunity to look inside her mouth and my Oh my, she got a BIG ulcer underneath her tongue!

Despite the uncomfortable pain.. she is still active. Is a good sign, isn't it? It means she is not too sick, just uncomfortable. Doctor say no medication for her, because her mouth is as tight as a clam, it will be difficult to apply medication too, let it heal by itself.

Gloomy girl counting cornflakes
I pray that her ulcer will heal soon. She will be less fussy, less cranky and back to her usual self. Please say a prayer for Gracelle too.

Monday, October 3, 2011

I have wavy hair

K-style. The korean wavy hairstyle. Much less is known about the genetic basis of straight and wavy hair; wavy hair is all about our complex yet unique genes. Gracelle's hair is not curly by any means, just a slight wave.

Many people asked about Gracelle's wavy hair genes. Many also said she does not need to spend money to perm her hair. Nowadays, rebonded hair is so common and is the latest hair trend among women, God knows whether 10 years down the road, will wavy hair will be the latest hair trend?

Back to my subject. Why does Gracelle have wavy hair when both her parents hair are straight? Thanks to hair straightening technology, rebonding is the new age major breakthrough to transform your wavy or curly hair. I had rebonded my hair, so it looks straight. Truth is -> I have wavy hair, but, definitely not as wavy as my daughter's. I guess, the wavy genes comes from ME?!

Give thanks, because Gracelle got wavy hair and not frizzy curly locks like an afro. I am hoping that her hair grow longer and looks prettier instead of the messy look (the wake up look?!)