Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Laundry

95% of our laundry are machine washed. Sometimes, baby Gracelle's clothes are hand washed by her mummy. She is only allowed the sit outside of the toilet when mummy do the washing. Sometimes, I wonder, what is the joy of sitting and watching mummy with the laundry?

Many people hired a part time helper who comes around during the weekend for the chores. Most people will hire a full time domestic helper. How about me? [*drum roll*.......] Introducing my part time helper who comes during weekdays night and full day weekends. She helps to throw rubbish into the bin, and best of all, she hand wash baby Gracelle's clothes. She does not have experience;  sometimes, she observes, like what Gracelle did - observed mummy doing the laundry. She also got a weird habit, she will observes the rubbish in the bin. Weird? Maybe she is thinking what is recyclable? I supposed, she learnt from observation.

Everybody say" WOW!" I am so lucky to have such a great helper :)  [*grinning from ear to ear*]

She is cheerful, diligent, no food restriction, training may be needed to perform a good job.  Here's a glimpse of my helper diligently washing the clothes.

Sorting the clothes.

Brushing the clothes.

Rinsing the clothes.

Oops!!! Child labour!? NO! I did not torture her. Despite the uncomfortable ulcer, she is still energetic. She dragged the pail, and stool by herself, and started the laundry process.
Daddy and mummy were AMUSED!

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  1. she is helping to save some electricity costs from the washer!!