Monday, October 3, 2011

I have wavy hair

K-style. The korean wavy hairstyle. Much less is known about the genetic basis of straight and wavy hair; wavy hair is all about our complex yet unique genes. Gracelle's hair is not curly by any means, just a slight wave.

Many people asked about Gracelle's wavy hair genes. Many also said she does not need to spend money to perm her hair. Nowadays, rebonded hair is so common and is the latest hair trend among women, God knows whether 10 years down the road, will wavy hair will be the latest hair trend?

Back to my subject. Why does Gracelle have wavy hair when both her parents hair are straight? Thanks to hair straightening technology, rebonding is the new age major breakthrough to transform your wavy or curly hair. I had rebonded my hair, so it looks straight. Truth is -> I have wavy hair, but, definitely not as wavy as my daughter's. I guess, the wavy genes comes from ME?!

Give thanks, because Gracelle got wavy hair and not frizzy curly locks like an afro. I am hoping that her hair grow longer and looks prettier instead of the messy look (the wake up look?!)

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