Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Cried cried cried ... and more crying

It all started when she was having trouble sleeping through. She toss and turned in bed, and just couldn't sleep! It was 3am, and her temperature shot up to 38.5 degrees. Thank God we got spare paracetamol in the refrigerator (leftover from vaccination). Tips: a good practice to keep a spare bottle of paracetamol for emergency. Not much of concern because by dawn, her fever had subsided.

All is well until ....

Saturday morning, she refused her favorite milk milk! She cried profusely!!! She had never cried so much and so profusely since birth, not even during vaccination jab. What HAPPENed? Because she was crying louder and louder, mummy took the opportunity to look inside her mouth and my Oh my, she got a BIG ulcer underneath her tongue!

Despite the uncomfortable pain.. she is still active. Is a good sign, isn't it? It means she is not too sick, just uncomfortable. Doctor say no medication for her, because her mouth is as tight as a clam, it will be difficult to apply medication too, let it heal by itself.

Gloomy girl counting cornflakes
I pray that her ulcer will heal soon. She will be less fussy, less cranky and back to her usual self. Please say a prayer for Gracelle too.


  1. Ask daddy dun feed her too much jumk food laa

  2. daddy junk food time is only allowed when she is not around.

  3. she is back to her perky self! thank God!!