Monday, February 13, 2012

I can feed myself

My baby is soon or officially going to be known as a toddler in due time. She will no longer be categorised as infant when booking flights. That also translate to higher cost of overseas holiday (if any). Hey, that's out of the topic! Sorry...

I am proud to say that she can hold her spoon pretty well and am able to feed herself. Of course, when the spoon fails her (or I should say she fails her spoon?), her hands will come in handy and "do the job".

How did her self feeding skill was developed? Actually it wasn't intentional. Because she loves to eat, so, everytime we are having a meal, I will give her a bowl and a spoon. We will scope a small portion and put it in her bowl. Initially, she will drop her food everywhere... the rice, the vegetable, the noodle, the egg... The whole living room is full of food everywhere... I will be lying if I tell you, I am okay with the mess she has created. But, what can I do? She is still learning, so... is alright to tolerate with the mess. It will get better and better!

She can scope and aim pretty well for rice, noodle and yogurt! Nowadays, the mess is only 25-30% of the total food portion.

Here's a picture taken by Auntie Jie Jie Gladys during lunch after the church service.