Thursday, May 31, 2012

Gracelle is going to be the elder sister!

Hmm.. I have not been sharing for more than a month! The subject says it all.

Even though I have passed the first trimester, but the yucky pregnancy symptoms still stick around :(  This is my second pregnancy and it is so different from my first. When I was pregnant with Gracelle, there is NO pregnancy symptoms at all! But, with this little one, headache and nausea happen in the morning, almost without fail. Lack of appetite is the second common problem. Half way through our dinner, I will stop eating simply because I could not swallow anymore food. I felt terrible! and was counting down to the first trimester and praying the symptoms will go away...

I am now in my 18+ weeks (almost half way there!) and glad to say that most of the pregnancy symptoms are gone, except some minor nausea in the morning which makes me throw out after the 30 minutes mrt ride.

So, here comes the next most frequently asked question: Is it a boy or a girl? Is a BOY! That completes the chinese word 女 (girl) + 子 (son) = 好 (girl + son = good/complete)  Annnyyyywayyyy.. the most important thing is a healthy baby, be it girl or boy, there are equally precious to us :)

Thank God for the gift of life!