Friday, June 8, 2012

Bus ride

During the week, G's papa car battery went flat! Ohh ohhh!!! Hence, G has to take a bus to babysitter's place instead of her usual leisure ride in papa's car.

G seems to be quite facinated by the bus. Everytime when we are on the road, I will point out to her and say:" bus, car, truck, etc." Now and then, everytime she sees a bus, she will go, bus bus bus... When I told her, we are going to take a bus, she actually mimic after me, and said take bus. She seems very enthusiastic about a bus ride (as always); this is not the first time she is taking a bus.

Here's a picture of G enjoying her bus ride...

I apologise for the negative demonstration where she was holding a bread in hand and wanted to eat on the bus :(  Thankfully, the bus journey was only 4 stops away and I managed to refrain her from eating.