Friday, July 5, 2013

Litter Picking Day

Some time in May, my girl's childcare center was working in conjunction with the National Environment Agency (NEA) in the Keep Singapore Clean Programme. As part of the program, they have chosen a day as 'Litter Picking Day'.  The objective of this activity is to promote green awareness, educate our children on good social behaviours, and to spread the clean and green message within the neighbourhood.

Parents are encouraged to join, hence I joined my girl in this activity. As a parent, I play an important role to set as a role model to the children to keep our neighbourhood clean. This kindness movement set as a reminder for the family to take responsibility for our community.

The activity took place in Bishan Park. The children, teachers and parents were provided with "tools" to go around and collect litter. See my girl was so enthusiatic in picking up litter with her tongs.

We all have responsibilities to play our part to keep our country clean. Think twice before littering or leave a mess in public areas.

Keep Singapore Clean!