Tuesday, March 19, 2013

My "Botak" (Bald) Head

Many chinese will shave off all the baby's hair when the baby turn one month old (满月). Many did this regardless of gender, whether is a lovely baby girl or a handsome baby boy. It is believed that the after shaved baby's hair will stimulate better hair growth and allow the hair to grow thicker.

Mummy disagreed with this practice and this is one of the many unresolved minor doesmtic issue in the family frequently talked about. Daddy, because of his own insecurity with thin hair, he had 101 reasons trying to shave my little man botak. Mummy has thick hair, daddy has thin hair, the girl has good volume of wavy hair, the boy... I don't know?!

Babies often lose their hair during the first six months of life, especially during the 3rd to 4th month. My little man usually sleeps at the same position every night, so that part of his head/hair which rubs against the mattress loses its hair, but he does not have bald patches. Whenever I look at the same position on the bed, it feels like I have a shedding pet dog or cat at home. So, he is left with that thin fine hair where the fluff often entangled at the end of his hair every now and then.

THE DAY has come! Mummy decided to shave his hair botak! My little man did not cry. His head looks big without hair, still looks cute. His hair grew fast, on the very next day, his bald head does not look as bald, still handsome.

See my botak head!

Shave or don't shave? Does it matter? In Singapore, the boy will have to shave their head bald during National Service - the army boy days. So, hello fello daddies, please do not do this at the expense of making mummy unhappy.

Do you shave off your baby's hair after one month?


Thursday, March 7, 2013

Do You Pick Things Up With Your Toes?

I am surrounded by my 2 kids at home on the weekend. A 4 months old baby who needs to be carry using both hands, not forgetting my active 3 years old girl who is constantly on the move. Often, I pick up small items on the floor using my toes. Why do I pick up things with my toes instead of with my hands? I did that not because I am lazy, is simply because my hands are occupied and I can't bend over with my baby on hand. I do this regularly, repeatedly, and it has become a habit.

I don't know when I started doing so, but it's something I have always done and will probably continue to do.

Little did I know that this simple routine that occur subconsciously was picked up by my girl. She was thrilled when she show off her newly acquired skill! See, she is able to grab the item tightly with her toes.

She put her new skill to test when daddy requested her to pick up her toys. She gladly used her toes to grab her small toy, raise her feet, and drop the item into her toy box. But, daddy [speechless] figure out it will take forever if she is picking up her toys with her toes instead of hands?!

What's next? She need some practice to grab the item with her toes, raise it up to her hand without bending over. Good luck, girl. Practice makes perfect!
Do you pick things up with your toes too?