Tuesday, March 19, 2013

My "Botak" (Bald) Head

Many chinese will shave off all the baby's hair when the baby turn one month old (满月). Many did this regardless of gender, whether is a lovely baby girl or a handsome baby boy. It is believed that the after shaved baby's hair will stimulate better hair growth and allow the hair to grow thicker.

Mummy disagreed with this practice and this is one of the many unresolved minor doesmtic issue in the family frequently talked about. Daddy, because of his own insecurity with thin hair, he had 101 reasons trying to shave my little man botak. Mummy has thick hair, daddy has thin hair, the girl has good volume of wavy hair, the boy... I don't know?!

Babies often lose their hair during the first six months of life, especially during the 3rd to 4th month. My little man usually sleeps at the same position every night, so that part of his head/hair which rubs against the mattress loses its hair, but he does not have bald patches. Whenever I look at the same position on the bed, it feels like I have a shedding pet dog or cat at home. So, he is left with that thin fine hair where the fluff often entangled at the end of his hair every now and then.

THE DAY has come! Mummy decided to shave his hair botak! My little man did not cry. His head looks big without hair, still looks cute. His hair grew fast, on the very next day, his bald head does not look as bald, still handsome.

See my botak head!

Shave or don't shave? Does it matter? In Singapore, the boy will have to shave their head bald during National Service - the army boy days. So, hello fello daddies, please do not do this at the expense of making mummy unhappy.

Do you shave off your baby's hair after one month?



  1. I didn't have my son's hair shaved off during the first month, although from what I understand, it's a common practice in not only Chinese culture, but in the Indian culture, too.

    My Mom and MIL were the ones who made sure that we didn't, because my Mom cried for days when my brother and I were shaved bald during our first month back then!

    What we did, eventually, was to just snip off a bit of the boy's hair, as a token and as a keepsake. I don't think it has much to do with ensuring that the hair grows thicker. I believe that trait could be genetic :)

    Thanks for linking up!

    1. I didn't shave my elder daughter's hair eventhough my MIL hinted so. My girl had only 1 hair cut in 3 years. Shaved my boy's hair when he was 4 months old purely for practical reason. I believe the trait is genetic too :)