Wednesday, December 18, 2013

I Won in Lego® Friends Giveaway

I won the runner up prize in the recent Lego® Friends giveaway through J Babies' Dad blog. I received 1 Friendship Diary and 1 Mia's Magic Tricks brick set. We were thrilled when the gift arrived at our doorstep!

It includes Mia mini-doll figure and a bunny and features a magic cabinet with disappearing function and magician's stage. My girl is able to use the magic cabinet's magic function to make the bunny disappear! How cool it is for a 3 years old girl to practice and witness the awesome magic show!

I must say that Lego bricks helps to develop her creativity, fine motor skills, and stir up the curiosity in her. How does the small amazing toys managed to achieve so much?

Creativity: Instead of just making the bunny disappeared, she tried to make the flower and the magician's hat disappeared too!
Fine motor skills: She fixed the flower to the branch and she fixed the mini-doll figure, attaching the magic wand and the ribbon on her hair.

We are so in love with Lego® Friends and we are getting one for her 5 years old cousin sister as Christmas present. If you are still looking around for great Christmas present, get a Lego® today!

Thank you Lego® Friends for the giveaway!