Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Sweet tooth

I enjoy eating ice cream as a child, and I still do. I don't have a sweet tooth, but I enjoy ice cream. Hubby does not have a sweet tooth too. And the strange thing happened... Gracelle seems to have inherited our good health habits, she does not have a sweet tooth. But, is a sweet tooth inherited or is a learned behaviour?

Baby Gracelle has not tried bottled puree off the shelves. Since 6 months old, mummy only gave her homemade puree, be it apple puree, pumpkim puree, or even vegetable puree. 100% homemade, no salt, no sugar. Even her porridge, mummy will put in more vegetable to make the porridge tasty, no salt, no soy sauce. The good habit is best cultivated since young.

The other day, mummy was craving for ice cream and bought a waffle ice cream from NTUC. Let's give Gracelle a taste of the ice cream.

Excited for the ice cream!

The verdict - Kid loves ice cream!? Kid scream for ice cream!? Look at her, she looked excited, isn't she? To our surprise, the very next minute, there is a total change in her expression.

Ewwe... awful?!
Well, I am not sure is it because of the taste, the sweetness or the coldness of the ice cream? It seems like she does not have a liking for ice cream.

One thing I know for sure. With that expression, she can go for the tooth sensitivity advertisement by Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief advertisement.

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  1. that's a relief..no shoutings of 'I want Ben and Jerry's' if we go shopping at the supermart.