Monday, October 31, 2011

Melting in Woodlands Waterfront

Is been such a long time since the last update. Mummy was away... No guest blogger (the daddy?).

The weekend before I was away, we brought Gracelle to Woodlands Waterfront, one of the newest facility in Woodlands. We reached there around 9am+ and the weather was HOT HOT HOT! Thanks to the daddy who took his own sweet time. Personally, I prefer to go to the park earlier or latest by 8am, because I simply don't like to be "melt" under the hot sun. Besides, my baby is an early bird, she don't sleep past 7am.

In Woodlands Waterfront, you can have the view of Johor Straits and also to check on the causeway traffic. First impression when we arrived, how come so many motorcyclist? I guess is the traffic diverted from the custom. Second, quite a far number of motorcyclist stop by at the park for "relief", I mean for toilet breaks. This place feels like those Malaysia highway Rest & Relax (Perhentian) toilet break. Personally, I am not attracted to this park, partly because there was no trees, the fishing jetty was filthy, the river was dirty, and maybe is just not natural like Bishan Park. The mega playground structure is not suitable for children. Having said that, Gracelle seems to enjoy the children's playground very much.

Rock! Rock!

ROCK harder!
Will I be back again? Hmm... Let's see.

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  1. Gracelle had chance upon a stray white cat at the entrance and chased the daylights out of it. Poor kitty must have been traumatised. LOL