Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Kiddie ride

If you have a kid, you will agree with me, most kid loves kiddie ride! Am I right? Kiddie ride is the coin-operated amusement ride for small children, frequently seen in shopping malls.

My 3 years old niece, Rachel, always requests for a minimum of 3 rides to satisfy her needs. Doesn't the ride feels jerky and makes one feel uncomfortable? I don't know... I am just guessing. My baby is no exception, she is attracted to kiddie ride too.

For this particular one, I wonder if she is attracted to the kiddie ride or the purple dinosaur? Barney is a dinosaur from our imagination... By the way, Barney is one of her best friend.


  1. Thanks to Barney, she can dance like a robot, sniff out hard like a choo-choo train, hugs daddy and mommy just like how Barney hugs the kids. Barney rawks!

  2. My first girl loves Barney too! Influenced by me.. whahaha.. cuz Barney's my favourite when I am a kid...
    I love you.. you love me.. we're a happy family... =)

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