Tuesday, November 29, 2011


I am blessed for I was born and raised up in a Christian family. I DISLIKE gambling and do NOT enjoy any conversation on gambling. My brain is automatically adjust to "hibernate or shut down" mode whenever the "statistician" starts their conversation.

At times, I am surrounded by some "statistician" who enjoys talking about betting on numbers (i.e, 4D, toto), betting on soccers, casinos, jackpot, etc. and these "statistician" can talk about it whole day long! I mean, literally talk about it the ALL the time when they are awake! And.. actually even in their dream. "Statistician" can talk about what they dreamt about last night (maybe a car plate number, animals, etc.), and interpret their dreams (the animals) to a particular numbers. I have even heard of "statistician" asking the children to pick the lucky numbers for betting during birthday. They are not just creative (in the wrong way?), but also addicted to gambling!

I am sure you have heard of parents leaving children in the car while they go in a casino to gamble, or parents were busy gambling inside the casino and children were left outside for hours. My thoughts - if parents have so much time to spent in casino, why can't they spend some quality time with the children instead?

Parents, who are experiencing gambling-related problems are often unable to provide their children with adequate attention because of the amount of time they spend gambling. They are also blinded and not able to see gambling as a behaviour that can lead to serious problems. Is hard to imagine the impact of parental problem gambling on the children and a child growing up in a home with gambling addiction and not being affected. Research has shown that children who grow up in a household where there's problem grambling have a higher risk of facing the problem themselves later on.

I was rather disturbed by the gambling conversation over the weekend. Anyway, if you are rather disturbed by family and friends of a problem gamblers. Do reach out to National Council on Problem Gambling (NCPG). Casino exclusion can stop the problem gamblers from entering the casinos in Singapore!

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