Thursday, December 8, 2011

Bread Roti 面包

I am an avid bread lover! I still remember 3 years ago when we went for our honeymoon trip to Europe, my favorite place to be is the bakery! I simply loves the aroma coming from the freshly baked bread. I also picked up the skill of baking bread and started baking my own very simply bread, i.e., cream cheese bun, tuna bread, potato bread, hot cross bus and even a loaf of bread...

My darling likes bread. In fact, "bread" is one of the very first few words she spoke. Give her a slice of bread and she will be as happy as a bird. Bread is good for our diet, a reasonably cheap food source and source of protein. I enjoy breakfast with slices of bread/sandwich instead of the a bowl of noodle. Don't you think bread is a healthier choice? Of course, a healthier choice meaning we choose multi-grain over white bread.

See, she just picked up a bag of buns from the bread section in a supermarket!

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  1. we alredi have paparoti, now is beberoti??