Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Toddler refuses to eat vegetables?

Parents often heard about toddler will not eat any vegetables. Studies suggested to disguise the vegetables in all sorts of ways - puree it, "hide" it in pasta, etc... Have you ever thought of stop offering veggies? Do you have face a similar problem? I am glad to say - I don't! My 19months+ baby simply adore veggies.

During one of the dinner, she finished all the carrots from daddy's bowl, and the daddy shouted:"Mummy, she ate all my carrots!" (What can I do? Cook more carrots? I just couldn't stop laughing!!!) She also adores the broccoli, is like a dessert to her. She eats her broccoli like how we enjoy our ice cream. Having said that, we are having a hard time trying to enjoy our dinner in peace. Every time during our dinner, she will come and stare into our bowl and wants to have a share of it. We gladly share our veggies with her in her very own small bowl. She understands most of the thing we said, when we are done with our dinner, we will show her the empty bowl and said:"Finished, no more." Baby Gracelle will reply:"No more." It does not end here. She will goes about prying open daddy's and mummy's mouth.

She creates a mess during and after dinner. She either dropped bits and pieces here and there or leaf the remaining on the sofa or the floor. Is messy, but rejoice anyway, simply because she is just a baby and she adore veggies!


  1. Gracelle eats practically anything especially loves bread and cheese..yumm

  2. Wow! That's a very good thing! I hope my kiddos love their veggies too!