Thursday, November 10, 2011

Even more long lasting than Duracell bunny

Question. What is a Duracell bunny? Well, if you know what is a Duracell bunny, we are probably born in the same era. Duracell bunny is a pink rabbits powered by batteries, used to promote Duracell brand batteries. Here's a glimpse of the advertisement. The advertisement shows that a bunny powered by a Duracell battery can continue to function for a longer amount of time.

I have a "Duracell bunny" at home - baby Gracelle. Sunday morning, she woke up at 8am, get ready and went to church. She don't need a nap in the nursery simply because there are many 16-24 months babies around and also toys around, she will just walk around and have fun. Back home, she was supposed to take her usual nap at 2pm. I always make it a point for her to take a nap, otherwise she may be grumpy and cranky when she is sleepy. Having spent 1.5hours with her in the room, she just REFUSED to sleep. Failure to get her to nap, I let her out of the room and she happily ran off to the living room. And... and...  and... and she started dancing.

Baby Gracelle has endless energy!

To me, she is even more longer lasting than Duracell bunny. The one person who will agree with me - the daddy! We entertained her till 9pm before she finally knocked out and sleep.

Talking about sleep. Baby Gracelle is a light sleeper. She is easily woken up by noise. Recently, she also refuses light out during bed time. The minute the light  is off, she will make noise, the minute the light is on, she is alright. She is like mummy, can sleep with light on, but not the daddy. Having said that, we are happy as long as she falls asleep before 10pm.

Do you have a baby with endless energy too who refuses to nap?

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  1. we need to take her to Bishan park just to let her run around to deplete her energy bank and her greatest joy is to watch dogs running inside the dog run area.