Friday, November 18, 2011

Baby and Egg

The one most common question asked:"When can my baby eat eggs?" My baby was first introduced to egg after 12months of age. By God's grace, she is not allergies to egg and she loves egg. At times, the creative side of me just simply beat an egg into her porridge. I am glad she enjoys egg.

I talk to her, all the time. I often tell her what am I doing, where am I going, what is the items, etc. Whenever she is with me, especially in the kitchen, we will have our very own "show and tell" session. I show her the egg in its original form and tell her - egg. After I crack the egg, I will throw the egg shell into the bin. She often peep into the bin, point or even grab the egg shell; she will then get a firm warning not to pick up the egg shell! When I feed her porridge or rice, I will show her the cooked egg and tell her - egg. After a while, she can point out egg in our rice bowl. It seems like that she is in love with egg.

One night before she goes to bed. She just grabbed a story book and started "reading" them on bed. She flipped to page one and pointed to the picture and she said EGG! I am thrilled! My "show and tell" effort pays off :) [happy] I requested her to show papa where is the egg? And she flipped to page one of her book, showed and told her papa, EGG! [happy]

Oops.. How many times is the word "egg" being mentioned?


  1. she sure is a fast learner, at 20mths she recognises lots of words, says 'amen' at the end of every prayer and can 'squeeze' out tears to manipulate the parents too