Thursday, August 11, 2011

My "Cookie Monster"

Cookie Monster is a muppet on the children's television show Sesame Street. He is best known for voracious appetite and his famous eating phrases: "Me want cookie!", "Me eat cookie!", and "Om nom nom nom" (said through a mouth full of food). As his name suggests, his preferred food is cookies.

I believe that kids are not born to be a picky eater. I tried to introduce one new fruit to Gracelle each week. My "cookie monster", whenever she sees food, she will go "WAAAA (with her mouth wide open)" and keep pointing at it until the food goes into her mouth. Sometimes, she may spit it out, but I never give up, because it may take numerous exposures before she will actually eat it and eventually ask for more. I will share more about my creative ideas that attracts Gracelle's attention. Stay tuned!

"Om nom nom nom", she has tried apple, papaya, banana, dragon fruit, strawberry, cherry, durian, nectarine.. and yummy yummy more. The verdict, she loves banana!

Dedicate this durian eating photo for Gracelle's papa! Haha... (Gracelle's papa loves hates durian! Oops!)

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