Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Baby. Saliva. Bubbles.

My little man has been making saliva bubbles since he was about 3 months old. Recently, he demonstrated a newly acquired skill, blow the saliva bubbles. He doesn't drool, he just make saliva bubbles. His salivary glands must be working overtime; whenever he does that, he looks like a crab (yummy yummy, chili crab?).

He is not teething. Generally, the first tooth erupt through the gums after 6 months. I am pretty certain about it as his sister's first tooth erupted only after 12 months. I suppose making saliva bubbles is one of his hobby to past time. Other hobby includes sucking his "KFC" - finger lickin' good. You know, baby just lying around and do nothing much in particular, so he must be learning by experimenting. My self taught bubble master!

Babies are cute. Bubbles are fun. But saliva bubbles is definitely a NO! NO! to my girl. The elder sister loves to blow bubbles, but she definitely does not like his brother's saliva bubbles! Whenever she saw him with a mouth full of bubbles, she will shout:" mama, didi play saliva!" :(

Does your baby blow saliva bubbles? I hope my boy is not the only one.

Picture of river crab blowing bubbles adapted from nationalgeographic.com


  1. Cutesy Crabby baby :)

  2. Not cute when I dont wipe off the crabby bubbles in time, that's when it becomes messy!