Monday, April 23, 2012

Passion fruit

You may have heard of passion fruit, but have not seen one yet? Or may have smell the fragrance of the fruit, but have not tried one yet? No worries, you can easily get hold of it from the local supermarket.

The Wikipedia stated that passion fruit is native to Paraguay, Brazil, and northen Argentina. My passion fruit is from Malaysia. I have not tasted passion fruit from other countries. Little did I know that I have to wait for it to be really ripe, as in slightly wrinkle, then it will taste sweeter, otherwise, is SOUR! I am not kidding! As mentioned, this is grown in Malaysia, maybe is because of the climate and soil, is that why it is slightly sour? I don't know... Well, till next time when I had a chance to try passion fruit from other countries.

One thing I like about passion fruit is the frangrance ... sweet smelling ~ Most importantly, passion fruit is an excellent source of vitamin A and C. My little girl loves it! She can finish one fruit by herself, scooping it with her small little spoon, and she refuses my help [maybe she is afraid I will steal her fruit?]

This is how my girl consume one of her favorite fruit - passion fruit :)  Yummy!


  1. my girl has weird tastes..loves cod liver oil and sourish fruits. :X

  2. Wow and I dont think I've ever eaten this fruit before! Haha. Obviously not a fruit person. Your girl looks like she's really enjoying it =)