Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Why more married women are not having kids

Is was interesting to read this article on why more married women are not having kids. The topics surrounding child bearing, birth rate, parenthood tax rebates (PTR) to encourage residents to have more children has been going on for years. While I understand the concerns that career is a major consideration but it should not be a hindrance to family planning.

When one earns lesser, an average monthly pay of $2,350, the lack of financial is a key constraint of not wanting to start a family. When one earns more, an average monthly pay of $6,250, the unwillingness to sacrifice career prospects become the main concern. Did we just confuse ourselves, is it a chicken and egg dilemma? It sounds like the decision to have a baby is base on job rather than on biological clock?

How many "horror" stories have you read or heard about being dismissed, treated unfairly at workplace after being pregnant or after giving birth? Working while planning or raising a family is difficult. I was  the main cast for one of those "horror" story. Thank God, by His grace, I have overcome it with victory!

A career ends at your retirement age. A family is for life. Don't be deceived, no one is irreplaceable, especially at the workforce. Make a decision to start a family. The age and fertility goes hand in hand. The older you are, you  may have more financial earning power, but the less fertile you may be. The less fertile you may be, the higher possibilities to go for an Invitro Fertilisation (IVF), and in turn, more financial spending on IVF.

I made the choice to have kids :) How about you?

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  1. most cosmopolitan women have promising career and comfortable lifestyle. So why sacrifice that away by having babies? I guess God has designed humans to procreate.. so just follow our instinct?