Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Chocolate's influence

What happened to Gracelle? [SHOCKED! when I saw her]
Fear not! Blame it on the Oreo biscuit. Mummy passed her a piece of Oreo biscuit and after half an hour, I was greeted by this dirty face girl. I am not worried about the mess on her face, it fact, I burst into laugther!

What's next?

She seems to goes hyper after eating chocolate??? She did not nap during the day, jumping around with joy. Then, I suddenly remember there was once she had brownie at a housewarming event, and she seems to have the same "condition"... and, I wonder? and I wonder how, wonder why, wonder what happened?

Since then, I have been trying to notice if chocolate or sugar promote the hyperactivity in her. If you Google, you can find numerous article relating to this topic: "Does sugar make kids hyper?", "Sugar does not make kids hyper." Ohhh... I am confused! God has made her special, she does not like ice-cream (sweet and cold), cakes (sweet?), honey star (sweet?). Maybe is for a purpose?!

Anyone had the same experience?

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  1. It was as if she took some steroids and pumped up her energy level! Another incident was she drank some ginseng soup and the energy level was shot up too!!