Tuesday, March 13, 2012

She knows how to blow her nose

Thank God, Gracelle is on the road to full recovery from her stomach flu.

Guess what? My darling knows how to blow her nose! [Applause!] Give her a tissue paper, and she will blow and wipe her nose :)  I think she is amazing, simply because, when we were young, instead of blowing the mucus out (sorry, if it sounds gross), we suck it back in! YUCKS! She learnt and is familiar with this action as young as 18months old.

Thanks to my babysitter, cause she has contributed greatly to this success! Gracelle is seldom down with flu, but whenever she does, auntie will ask her to "huh.. huh" (meaning blow). How do we teach Gracelle to blow her nose? I suppose she learn by imitating us. I am sure she imitate us, because she also imitate our coughing :(

Now, give her a tissue, she will go "huh.. huh", and throw! (in the dustbin, of course)

Don't give up if your child has not learn this skill. Show her how to do it, and she will imitate for sure!

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  1. To add on, she also loves to use the nasal hygiene spray Sterimar to clear her nostril even when her nose is clear. Strange kiddo.