Thursday, March 1, 2012

Carbohydrates food

I am back, after neglecting my blog for a while... If you are a FTWM with no helper, be it domestic helper or parents, you will understand my situation.

I wrote about loving bread sometime ago. Recently, I realise my darling really have an affection, I mean a BIG FAN  for carbohydrates food, the bread, biscuit, rice and noodle. By that, I mean plain sliced bread, plain cracker, plain rice and/or noodle. Yes, PLAIN is the key word! Strange? But she just like something simple. She loves to munch on biscuit; it is her favorite snack and healthier option, considering she does not fancy tibits.

Children learn through experience. Their small little brain (is it as small as a bird's brain?) growth is constantly growing and developing, and increase in complexity and maturity. At this stage, she does not understand what the adults understand, so she does not understand why should I have cheese spread on my plain sliced bread or other biscuit variety. I suppose she needs time to explore the variety of food - which translate into more mess, maybe? and cleaning it up.

See how happy and enjoyable she was, self-feeding, chewing, munching her favorites.

Does your kid have a liking for just biscuit and bread only?

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