Friday, March 2, 2012

Are you ready for another baby?

When you are married, everyone keep asking:"when are you going to start having babies?" After you had your first kid, the next question:"when are you going to have a second one?" Mummies out there, please raise your hand if you had exeprienced the same.

How or what to consider when deciding to have a second child? The decision to have a second (or third, or fourth) isn't always easy. The Chinese belief having a dragon baby (meaning a baby born in the year of dragon) will bring good luck. No offence, I do not believe such myth.

Raising a child is an expensive affair especially with the rising cost of living in Singapore. We need to consider: 1) financial stability, 2) age - a major factor, especially for the mother. If you are below 30, you definitely can have a few years to spare (good for you); if you are over 35, then is a different story. This is a chicken and egg dilemma considering when is the best time to have another one. 3) consensus - both husband and wife needs to consent to the decision as this may be a new wave of changes to the current lifestyle. Tough decision, isn't it?

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This is my Tiger baby - roar!

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  1. I got asked if we were having babies on our wedding day! My two little ones are 13.5 months apart, youngest only being 4.5 months and I already want another! Aarrgg!