Monday, July 2, 2012

Goodbye pacifier

Pacifier - the rubber, plastic or silicone nipple given to an infant or young children to suck upon. It is also known as a soother. It is a soother indeed, because everytime Gracelle suck upon it, she will fall asleep soon. I don't remember when, but the pacifier has became an essential item for her during bed time.

We have been thinking and trying to wean her off the pacifier after her 2 years old birthday. But, everytime we don't give her pacifier (she called it the "chu chu" - the sound she make when she sucker upon it), she will kick a big fuss, cry and cry and cry. We hesitated, tried, and failed. Indeed, weaning off a pacifier is not as easy as it seems.

There comes the day when I found out that her pacifier has a hole! This must be the result of constant bitting!!! I showed her the hole, told her the hole will cut her tough if she suck it, and told her is spoil, please throw it away. I pass it to her and she put it into her mouth and suck it as usual. I guess there is discomfort in doing it, she quickly took it out and put the cap back. After 2 "failed" attempt to suck and sooth her, I think she kind of give up? I asked for it back and told her, is spoil, it will cut your tough, so no "chu chu" for you anymore, ok? Surprisely, she said OK! Thank God, she didn't kick a big fuss and cry, she accepted the fact that there will be no pacifier for her that night :)  So, that was the first night she went to bed without the soother, and manage to fall asleep on her own.

The next morning, she told me to "buy chu chu". Apparently, my answer will be NO, and I told her gentle, no. For the next few nights, I continue to explain to her the pacifier has a hole, spoil and can no longer be use. She said ok and just went to bed without it. It has been a month since we wean off her pacifier. Occasionally, she will still ask me to "buy chu chu", but she no longer need to rely on the pacifier to fall asleep. Quit pacifier, SUCCESS!  

Thank you Yvonne for sharing her success story on weaning off her Janelle from pacifier. I am encouraged, read her success story here.

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