Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Luring the stork

With reference to the article, Luring the stork: Government announces review marriage and parenthood policies published on Today on 29 June 2012. We welcome and appreciate the incentives from the government.

I voiced my view on the above mentioned article through Voices, read my comments here, and had the privileged being published and shared my view. While, I only touch on the problem on amenities and facilities; another reader, Jo-Anne Lee had pointed out on important issue, lack of support. Read her article on Work-life balance needs recognition. Truly, we are in need of a paradigm shift, a mindset change. Without having the right mindset, there will be no transformation.

It is reported that the Marriage and Parenthood Package has benefited many and that a household with two children and an income of S$8,000 receives the equivalent of about S$142,000 -- through Baby Bonus cash and co-savings, infant care subsidies and other measures -- until both children seven. A "visible" cash on hand, which includes but not limited to the Children Development Co-Savings (CDAC) of S$12,000 and Baby Bonus of S$4,000 can easily be wiped up in two years considering average childcare fees of S$600 per month.

To me, enouraging or boosting low birth rate is not all about incentive and one sided effort from the government, like the comic stripes (taken from cartoonstock.com). What's your view?

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