Monday, October 15, 2012


My house is "infested"! ...   by stickers

When you have a toddler at home, this may be a common sight you can find at any corner of your house.
There are stickers on the wall, the sofa, the refrigerator, the TV console ... is EVERYWHERE!

I will give my girl a sticker to reward and encourage her as and when is needed. She discovered the joy of stickers! She will happily stick it anywhere she likes. Now that she is 31 months, she will request for the sticker she desired: "Mummy, I want a panda." Be thankful if I have one, otherwise, I have to persuade her to accept with an alternative animal.

Come to think about it, maybe is time to build a sticker chart for her potty training or her "poo poo" calendar? She is currently going through her a difficult time of constipation! (sigh!)

Generally, stickers are inexpensive stationery. Sticker is a fun way has built up her vocabulary. She learn about animals from the sticker that was given to her, isn't it wonderful?

Do you have this common sight at home?

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  1. how about plenty of stickers on my back?? compliments of a cheeky baby girl