Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Cooking with Gracelle

家家酒... Masak masak. Put up your hand up high if you know what I am talking about.
Yes, is pretend cooking!

A play kitchen encourages kids to all sort of creative pretend play. I was tempted attracted to buy one of those kitchen set, but many of these kitchens are either overpriced and/or too flimsy. For a 2.5 year old kid who knows nothing about the concept of value of money, she would not understand what is expensive or cheap. Finally, we happened to get it at a reasonable price while it was on sale! This kitchen is perfect for us because of its price, size and functions. The kitchen set is equipped with wash basin, oven, water dispenser cum refrigerator, and the burner makes boiling and sizzling sounds when you turn the knob. It comes with a few utensils and 2 mini cupcakes.

She started to serve us cupcake, which is absolutely adorable. She don't just serve us, but also her stuffed toy friend, Mr. Bear. This has keep her occupied for an extended period while I was doing the real cooking. Really a great pretend play toy with a small price to pay!

On the other note (out of topic) - Assembling the kitchen is not the easiest task for the handy man-daddy. He spent longer time in assembling the kitchen set as compared to assembling his IKEA clothes hanging rack. What a joke?! (LAUGH out LOUD!!!)

A family who cooks and eat together, stays together.


  1. ever wonder that girls likes to play cooking but when they are grown up, most of the chefs are male..

  2. Little girls do seem to all love cooking don't they? My girl too!