Monday, September 3, 2012

Garden by the Bay

Two weeks ago, daddy brought Gracelle and me to Garden by the Bay. The moment Gracelle heard that we were heading out, she was excited! Mummy was also looking forward to embark on the latest attraction in Singapore! (excitement minus the tiring walk with a big belly)

Located at the Marina Bay area, this is a park spanning 101 hectares of reclaimed land. The park consists of Bay South Outdoor Gardens, Cooled Conservatories, and OCBC Skyway. The best thing about Bay South Outdoor Gardens is that the admission is FREE!

We had no intention to visit and pay for the entrance tickets (yet!), as we were only there for a morning leisure walk. Gracelle was delighted just to walk and run around in this green space.

First stop, the dome-shaped pavilion with plenty of bright looking "mushrooms". Amazingly, this pavilion is an echo space! Well, she is more attracted to sit on the "mushroom" instead of making some noise to hear the echo.
On the way, she saw a stone goat and happily ride on it for a photo. To her, a photo is all that matters?
Next up, the Chinese Garden with many stone sculptures. She seems to be very much attracted to stone sculpture? She ran from one to another and requested to take photo with each and every sculpture. (The papa ~sweat~ BIG time... HAHA!)
Towards the end of our visit, Gracelle stopped and took the time to smell the flowers.
Do not underestimate the size of the free access outdoor gardens. It takes a long walk to stroll the whole outdoor garden. Nice place to spend time with family and friends.

We will definitely be back to visit the conservatories, the Skyway and of course to caught a different sight at night of the SuperTrees.

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