Thursday, June 20, 2013

Art Garden 2013 at Singapore Art Museum

Last weekend, together with my toddler and baby, we visited the Art Garden.

Level 1 - The Enchanted Garden City
This whimsical enchanted garden city is simply awesome! Here you find the familiar fairytales, Red Ridding Hood, Goldilocks and the Three Bears, Humpty Dumpty, etc. with an Asian twist over the entire wall. In case you are wondering, where is the Asian twist? There you go - the red ridding hood in kebaya, the Goldilocks and the three pandas (bear). This "garden" is so colorful! I find myself so drawn to this beautiful garden.

Gracelle then proceed to color her version of enchanted garden. Once she was done, she passed her drawing to be projected onto the Magic Mirror. She was thrilled to see her drawing on the Magic Mirror.

Level 2 - Moving Image Gallery
Step into this gallery, you find yourself in a movie theater. Sit back and enjoy a selection of local short films and animation. Gracelle is attracted to the big screen, and of course the film screened.
Great job for the students, mainly from polytechnics who came out with the idea and the films!

Level 2 - Around the Day in Eighty Worlds
This is a fascinating world and do observe what is around you. Take a step back, can you see there's a cat with its eyes, nose and whiskers?

Photo credit: Singapore Art Museum
Again, Gracelle is occupied with the activity to paste color papers over her hot air balloon.

Level 3 - Stellar Cave II
We move on to the stunning work made entirely of screws and thread. I marvel at the beauty of the glowing stars and deers. Lack of freedom to explore as the room was dark though the stunning art work was glowing, but Gracelle felt kind of fearful :(

Photo credit: Singapore Art Museum
Level 3 - Les rĂªves engloutis – Glossy Dreams in Depths
Next up is to overcome your fears and explore the gallery filled with peculiar objects, 3D drawings and holograms. Once we walked in, we were invited to sat on the swivel bed to transform you into the world of 3D drawings.The room was filled with things which are more abstract and 3D images which appears to be scary-looking. Gracelle find the place scary and dragged me out of the room. Hence, lack of freedom to explore :(

Photo credit: Singapore Art Museum

Level 4 - Love. Revolve the World
There is no activity in this gallery. It does not excite my girl much. But, is interesting to know that the art piece is a collaboration work between the local sculptor with student, and toddlers as young as 18 months.

This mark the end of our visit to the Art Garden. Say bye to Walter!

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