Monday, January 13, 2014

Daily Routines: Fruits

~ An apple a day keeps the doctor away ~
Like most full time working mum out there, between work and dealing with children, I try hard to squeeze in a home cooked dinner during weekday. Once I get the meal on the table, is hard to fit in recommended portions of fruit in daily routine. So, one of the thing I had recently started to do is to cut a small portion of fruits in the morning, every day, and store it in an air-tight container in the refrigerator. By the time we get home around 7pm, the children can eat the fruit either before or after dinner.
We all know that it is important for children to eat fruits and vegetables each day, but getting the children to actually do so can sometimes be a challenge. One of my creative ways to encourage the children, including the adult (husband), is to decorate it with cute animal food picks. Food picks is not just great for bento decoration, but also a creative way to make fruit looks adorable, fun and more appetizing. Does it looks more appetizing to you?
To be honest, sometimes, our fruit choices depend on what's in season. As for now, Korea strawberry is mine, or at least my daughter's all-time favorite. My girl is a strawberry fanatic! You can read about her love for strawberry here. I am happy that with the cute animal food picks, there's no "I don't want to eat" comment coming from my 4 years old girl; now she happily stuff a few cubes of pear into her mouth.
Healthy eating habits start early in life. Serving fruits should be part of our everyday routine. Have you taken your daily fruit intake today?


  1. My #2 and #3 love strawberries too we also buy a few punnets per week However this year I aim to introduce them to a greater variety of fruits and add fruit more into our salads :)

  2. I am in the mid of introducing my #1 to a greater variety of fruits too. Hoping the food picks will do the trick :)