Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Perth, Western Australia - Caversham Wildlife Park

If there is one thing you must do in Perth, it must be a visit to the Caversham Wildlife Park! Knowing that Gracelle loves animal, I wanted her to get up close to with kangaroos, and koalas. Thus, when I planned for our trip to Perth, I had it on my list as one of the priority.

Caversham Wildlife Park showcases many of Australia's unique native animals, including koalas, wallabies, possums, Tasmanian devils and wombats. The biggest highlight in the park is the opportunity for a close-up encounter to hand-feed the kangaroos, and have a photo taken with the koalas.

The kangaroo enclosure contain a variety of kangaroo and wallaby species wandering around and foods are supplied in a bucket in the area for visitors to feed them. Look carefully, you may notice a joey in the pouch.

Next, the koala enclosure. Interesting facts about the koalas:
  • Do you know that koala are not "koala bears", because they are marsupials.
  • Koala sleeps about 20 hours per day. (No wonder they are snoozing, sleep all the time)
  • Koala only eat eucalyptus.
The koalas are situated in waist and shoulder height trees and are very accessible for viewing and photographs. Visitors get a chance to touch and stroke the koala only at the instruction of the keeper.

Do take note of the Farm Show! I missed the Farm Show because my darling son was Zzzz... (sleeping). I missed out the sheep shearing, cow milking, bottle feeding lambs etc.
I managed to catch up later for the next show, "Meet the Wombat and friends". Gracelle spotted the Tiger Quoll, also known as the spotted-tail quoll. A cute looking animal in chocolate brown with white spots on the body to the tail. Cute looking as it may be, but it is a carnivorous marsupial. 

Last, but not least, before we left the park, a close up snap shot with wombat. Interestingly and surprisingly, wombat can run up to 40km/hour. Do you know that?

How to get there:

By train follow by bus
Take a train towards Midland and align at Bassendean station.  Catch a bus 955 from Bassendean to Ellenbrook. Get off bus at Whiteman Park. (Tips: Inform the bus driver of your destination in advance and they will stop at your designated location. No worries about don't know where to get off the bus.)

Walk towards the entrance of Whiteman Park, use the courtesy phone to call for a courtesy pick up to Caversham Wildlife Park.

Opening hour: 9:00am to 5:30pm (open daily except Christmas Day)

Website:  http://www.cavershamwildlife.com.au


  1. We visited caversham wid life park many many years ago!! And the kids still vividly remember their visits to the park because they get to feed the kangaroo in close range.

    1. kids have excellent memories, and is always the sweetest memories that counts. my #1 enjoy getting up close with the kangaroo very much!