Friday, January 17, 2014

Woodlands Terrace & Woodlands Loop - Food Factory Outlet

Woodlands Terrace factory direct sale is a very popular shopping place especially during festive season, Chinese New Year. This is the best place to get steamboat ingredients, frozen seafood and Chinese New Year goodies like yu sheng, love letter, pineapple tarts, prawn rolls, barbeque meat (bak kwa) to everything you need to use to cook for reunion dinner, even condiments. This is the reason why Woodlands Terrace is bursting with people, especially on Saturday morning.

First, we checked out the salmon factory, Fassler.
Fassler sells a variety of frozen seafood like salmon, cod fish, king prawns, scallop... etc., frozen soups like Hungarian goulash soup, clam chowder, minestrone soup... etc., as well as fresh mushrooms. There's a walk-in freezer, and you can check out what they have to offer in the large cold room.

Along the vicinity, there is Boon Tong Kee where you can place order for festive food like barbecued suckling pig, roast chicken, etc. Chuen Cheong Food Industries under "Tiger" brand where you can get condiments like soya sauce, chili, plum sauces, etc.. Melvados where you can buy cakes, ice-cream , pastries, etc. There's other factory outlet where you can find seafood ingredients. They are just one next to another.

Next, we checked out Fragrance foodstuff.
Fragrance sells a variety of Chinese New Year goodies like the barbecued meat (bak kwa), egg rolls, nuts, crackers, pineapple tarts, prawn rolls, etc. Plenty of choices to choose from.

Things to keep in mind while visiting:

1. Arrive as early as possible: Always better to arrive as early as possible, because when we left around 10am, the place is thronged by crowd. I assume those buses are shopping trip/group organize by community center bringing the aunties and uncles there to shop.

2. Have a fair idea what you intend to get: The variety of food range from dried food to frozen seafood. It is better to plan and if possible, bring a cooler box along to store your frozen purchase. You do want to risk eating rotten sashimi.

3. No bargain hard: The price of the items are fixed and cheaper as compare to supermarket. Don't expect or even attempt to bargain hard.

4. Bring cash: Most of the outlets do not accept credit cards or NETS.

This place is surely worth a visit!

Don't be in a hurry to rush off! Drop by 15 Woodlands Loop (a multi-story building), there is a hidden gem located here and may be the best kept secret in Woodlands - the J & C Bakery, located at #03-03. In my opinion, they sell one of the best cheese marble brownie. The cheese marble brownie is fresh and rich yet not too sweet, unlike typical brownie which is usually very sweet. Check out the banana walnut cake too!

~ Enjoy! ~

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