Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Bishan Park

A full time working mom = A full time stay-at-home child [after office hours]

The above "formula" applies to a typical weekday for me and Gracelle. Typical weekdays morning are spent in rush hour. Weekend and public holiday are my "sabbath day". No need to rush and am able to enjoy a morning walk at the park or the beach. I am glad there is a park in the vicinity of our "pigeon hole".

Our wonderful weekend usually kick off with a morning walk in the park. The fresh air, the space [instead of being confined in our "pigeon hole"], it just feel so much relax and ease. Gracelle loves to walk and run around in the park, pick up dried leaves, look at the dogs (nowadays, she can point and said:" dog dog.") and wouldn't mind sharing a McDonald breakfast with mum and dad. For the McDonald lover out there, YES, there is "i'm lovin' it" here in Bishan Park. [Did I just gave you one more invalid valid reason to come to the park?]

See the various activities at the park. The old lady was reading Bible devotion to her partner, the elderly enjoying the relaxing view of the revamp riverbank, the elderly and toddler relaxing at the suntan benches like swimming pool type, the children on bicycle rides, the jogger (training for the upcoming marathon?), the interest group having breakfast, the inline skating group, the badminton team, the little kid on scooter, the couple walking the dog, the brisk walker, and the loving daddy walking with daughter.... and many many more activities.... e.g., the Bishan Park Tai-Chi group exercise (sorry, not in the picture, I was late and they have dismissed :( ), etc.

Great are the works of the Lord. I hope Gracelle loves the green green grass, the blue blue sky and the cotton candy clouds. By the way, it is the Parks Festival 2011, join in the celebrations at a park near you!



  1. and there is an award winning spa too.. Aramsa Spa and a place to chill out with live-band music. lots of happenings.

  2. We love walks in the park too... especially Bishan Park since its so near! Didn't know about the Parks Fest though, will check out the activities, thanks for sharing! :)

  3. Hi Christina, thanks for sharing. I also didn't know there is such a thing as ParkFest! Parks are great for family walks and I also believe in getting the kids out for fresh air, a bit of sunshine, and to get closer to nature. =]