Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Mini cheese cupcakes

I love baking, but not the cleaning up. Sunday afternoon, I was in a mood to bake. I wanted to bake a simple tuna buns, but I ran out of bread flour, and so, I needed something that needs very simple ingredients and little preparation. I baked mini cheese cupcakes.

Recipe adapted and modified from Happy Flour. I modified it due to limited ingredients available at home. The recipe call for parmesan cheese, I replaced it with cream cheese instead. And, I added cream cheese in the middle when filling up the cupcakes. The cupcakes smell so good when they were baking. Is a right choice, the cupcake tasted just nice! I flopped many times attempting to bake a muffin, I am glad I got it right for my cupcake at the first attempt!

This is the first time Gracelle eating home baked stuff, and many more to come, I hope. I have baked quite a fair bit of stuff in the past (before the arrival of Gracelle), various buns, japanese cotton cheesecake... I love home baked bread and cakes, it's fun, easy, and heathier to make them from scratch. And the aroma from the oven that fill up the whole house!

I love it. Gracelle loves it. Daddy said is good (he was afraid is another failure muffin product).


  1. the first muffin by mummy was solid! I mean reaaal solid..you could kill a dog with it.
    The cupcake was indeed a real success. more cupcakes pls..

  2. hahaha.. Jiayou!! I love the cakes that last time you baked for N430! ;)

  3. Thank you Irene for being part of the guinea pig!