Monday, September 19, 2011

Late boomer

Gracelle is a late boomer in terms of teething. At 11-12 months, she still has no sign of teeth in sight. We totally enjoyed her toothless grin. She didn't cut her first tooth until 13-14 months. At 18 months, she has just 4 teeth (2 top, 2 bottom). Her milk teeth is developing at her own pace and I guess she won't have a mouth full of teeth by 24 months. Nothing to worry about, she is fine with it, so does the mummy, as she is eating almost anything, everything with her 4 teeth.

Maybe she is a late boomer in speech too? When she had her health assessment at 15 months, the pediatrician asked the parent:"Can she speaks 3 meaningful words?" We paused and said yes, if you consider "no more" as 2 separate words - "no" and "more", and  her favorite "cheese". I think the pediatrician is not very satisfied with our response. The pediatrician gave Gracelle a tick in the "No" box :(    Oh well, it doesn't matter, as the health assessment was meant to be completed between 15-18 months.

Every child is different when it comes to milestones. Some babies are just naturally early boomers and some late boomers.

When Gracelle was younger, the uncles and aunties in our church group were quite amazed whenever Gracelle say "no more" .Gracelle's first word is "no more", and not the usual "papa" or "mama" or "neng neng (milk)". She picked up the word "no more" because every time when she finished her bottle of milk, we will say finished and no more.

At 17 months+, coming to 18 months, she can say, bye bye, papa, mama, "gai gai" (baby language - meaning: jalan-jalan [in Malay]),  dog dog, etc... Her bye bye will melt your heart! Check out the video! [specially dedicate this video to uncle Andrew in Melbourne who is my faithful reader]

I believe everything has its own time. I am always thankful to God for baby Gracelle good health and everything, the big and the small ...


  1. I agree. My boy took sooooooo long to start speaking, even when his "peers" seemed to move on so well. Then when he turned about 18 months, from hardly stringing any words together he started talking. And talking. And TALKING. Now we can hardly get him to keep quiet LOL! :) Gracelle looks adorable in the video!

  2. Hi San. I couldn't agree more with your comment. Now, she just yakking non stop!

  3. Finally... more words from her mouth...
    I think after she mixed along with all her cousins... she also want to speak and yell...

    Now, you will miss your silent and quiet moment at home... :p