Friday, September 9, 2011

Brush my hair

Gracelle is coming to 18 months and I can't brush her hair. It seems like she doesn't like her hair to be brush. I tried letting her brush her MESSY hair; sometimes, she takes over and brush on her own, sometimes, it just goes haywire; sometimes, she just ran away.

I tried giving Gracelle a dolly and explain to her about brushing hair. Thanks to Gracelle's generous uncle 舅舅 (my brother), she got her first Barbie doll. Shh...Barbie is mummy's childhood dream doll. Uncle's generousity blessed not just Gracelle, but also all her cousin sisters; sorry, the boy don't get it. Ooops.. sorry, diverted. Back to her dolly, one of the accessories that comes together with the Barbie is a hair brush. The Barbie has long straight blonde hair. Since the addition of Barbie, Gracelle learnt how to brush her "her" hair, I mean "her" - the Barbie, not her - Gracelle . Look, Gracelle is brushing Barbie's hair.. brush brush brush...

She got carried away and started brushing her daddy's hair with her Barbie's hair brush. HAHA! (laugh out loud)

With the way Gracelle brush the Barbie's hair, one day (I mean sooner rather than later), I might have to google and search how to fix or detangle Barbie's hair.


  1. old saying goes "Girl who brushes her hair gets the boy"...true that

  2. Haha! She looks so focused on the combing! All the best trying to "translate" that to combing her own hair! :)

  3. San. She got wavy hair, so it gets quite messy at times. Succeed in combing, next is to tie her hair :)